• Account Registration

    To access you will need to register on the platform either as a Buyer or a Seller Click on the Join button on the top right corner of the homepage to do so. You can register with either an email address or through your social media accounts.

  • Buyer Profile

    As a Buyer you will be able to search for services suppliers in a particular location of choice, buy services, and also Post Jobs for project you need to be done in a particular way or time.

  • Supplier Profile

    You can register as a supplier by using an email or through your social media account. Suppliers can sell products and bid for post jobs by Buyers.

  • How do I order a Service?

    Services can be ordered by searching for relevant products in a particular location i.e. cleaners in ikeja, or searching by Suppliers and then ordering your needed services directly from their marketplace. For services that are not listed on the platform you can request a customised service directly from a supplier or Post it through the 'Post a Job' so that suppliers can bid for the job.

  • How do I Post a Job?

    Only Buyers can Post Jobs on the platform - From your Buyer Dashboard click on the Post a Job section or from the header click on the Post a Job Link. Ensure when posting a job that all needed information are provided in order to ensure suppliers have a the right information before bidding for the Job you post.

  • How do I Create Product?

    Only Suppliers can Post Products - Once logged Into your account, click add a product in the My Products section of your Supplier Dashboard. Kindly Ensure you provide all the needed information to make a Buyer procure your services without much ado.

  • How do i make Payments?

    All products are FULLY paid for in advance at the point of ordering a service either directly from the Product page or once a Buyer awards a job to a supplier. The money paid for the products is then held in Escrow, and immediately reflects in both the wallet of the buyer and seller pending when a job is completed. Once Supplier makes Job as completed the buyer then releases payments to the supplier and it is at this point the funds is transferred from the Buyer Escrow to the Supplier.

  • What is an Escrow?

    All funds from products ordered on are held in an Escrow pending when the service is delivered and a satisfied buyer releases payments. The Escrow on provides Buyer protection and also guarantees Supplier of services the confidence that payments will be done once services have been delivered. Both Buyer and Supplier can monitor funds through their individual Payment pages.

  • What is a Workstream?

    WorkStream is used by both Buyer and Seller to manage services that have been ordered. Once a service is ordered the work stream automatically opens which gives both the buyer and seller ability to communicate easily. in the Workstream you can leave Messages, Upload Files, Leave Feedbacks, Mark job as Complete and finally release payments.

  • Are there any charges on

    NO - platform is free